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LPG Cylinder Filling System

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Cylinder Filling System
Technical Specification
Design Pressure: 17.16 Bar
Design Temperature: -20 Deg C to + 55 Deg C
Design Code: ASME , PD 5500 , AD Merkblatter and others
Volume (m: 500 Liters to 500000 Liters)
We manufacture LPG Cylinder filling stations for filling LPG gas in cylinders of various capacities . This is a custom built ready to install plant . Their are various models available with storage tank capacity ranging from 500 Liters to 500000 Liters and with the choice of single or many cylinder filling scales. The unit comes with all safety features as per norms . The unit is easy to install and operate and much cheaper as compared to other plant.
The filling scales comes with auto cut off facility with manual or electronic filling scales . The unit is provided with cylinder evacuation system , cylinder testing system , multi filling points for filling cylinders of various capacities like 3,5,6,12,15,19,35,48kgs at the same time .